Are you looking for lint-free paper towels? You are not alone. With a push for cleaner processes, customers are moving towards the best paper towel alternatives.

Using the best cleaning supplies is always better when wiping up grease, oil, or liquid spills. Using traditional paper towels for industrial applications often leads to contamination issues, a hidden cost that you may only realize once it’s too late. Berkshire’s complete line of non-woven wipes is built to tackle the most challenging and delicate tasks, ensuring you get it right first. Customers trust the Berkshire brand, which sets the standard for excellence in cleanroom and contamination control wipes. Our ProWipe® line of low-lint wipes is designed with different substrate technologies for fast-absorbing, durable material perfect for the tightest spots and the most challenging cleaning situations. They are a popular replacement and more efficient alternative for industrial cloth towels because they absorb several times their weight in liquids and have much less lint than laundered shop towels.

Our ProWipe® products are engineered clean, low linting, and resistant to harsh chemicals, making it the perfect choice for removing dirt, oil, grime, and solvents in industrial and manufacturing applications. Our cleaning cloths are engineered to clean and pliable enough to fit into tight spaces and maintain their strength even when saturated. You can use these wipes for heavy-duty machine and part cleaning, ink wiping, solvent prep, and cleaning rough surfaces. But for the toughest grime and cleaning applications, you can trust ProWipe® to get the job done.

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