THE PRINCIPLES outlined below represent the code by which Berkshire Corporation conducts business. It applies to all Berkshire employees.


  • Promote a culture in which fair employment practices extend to each member of the diverse Berkshire community.
  • Strive to continuously create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Sustain, through leadership at all levels, a culture in which ethical conduct is recognized, valued, and exemplified by all Berkshire employees.
  • Be honest, fair, and trustworthy in all Berkshire activities and relationships, recognizing truth as the key component in all communications.
  • Be conscious of its duty to help protect the environment.


  • Obey the applicable laws, trade regulations, and restrictions imposed by recognized U.S. and international authorities. Require the same from our vendors and customers.
  • Avoid situations in which a conflict of interest (or the appearance of a conflict) exists between work and personal affairs. Appropriate business courtesies — such as giving and receiving gifts, gratuities, meals, refreshments, and entertainment — are often used to strengthen business relationships and are common business practices in many countries. These business courtesies, however, should never compromise (or appear to compromise) Berkshire’s ability to make objective and fair business decisions nor should they reasonably be perceived as constituting unfair business inducements that would violate law, regulation, or polices of Berkshire or its customers and suppliers.
  • Honor privacy. In the course of work, you may be exposed to nonpublic information about Berkshire or the companies with which Berkshire does business. This information may include business or manufacturing plans, new product ideas or processes, business risks, sales, negotiations, or other financial information. Unauthorized use or disclosure of this nonpublic information could have severe consequences for you and the company, including criminal liability.
  • Respect people. Berkshire has a zero-tolerance approach to harassment, discrimination, bribery, and/or corruption. We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards in our relationships around the world, including our relationships with governments and government officials as well as with other businesses. The prevention, detection, and reporting of bribery and corruption is the responsibility of all Berkshire employees, its subsidiaries, and joint venture partners.