Lint-free cleanroom wipes are designed to enhance your processes.

The Truth About Lint Free Wipes

It comes as a surprise to many of our customers that “Lint Free” is technically a misnomer, as particle testing under both wet and dry conditions reveals that even the cleanest of wipes can never be completely free of the presence of lint and particle generation. Use a fabric, and you can’t escape the presence of accompanying lint. If you are looking for the lowest linting wipes available on the market today then you have come to the right place. Our commitment to quality and experience in the world’s most critical cleanrooms and controlled environments has given us the expertise to help you step up your game and minimize the risk of contamination in your environment.

Lint Free Wipe FAQ

Lint-free cloths are essential in any cleanroom as they serve multiple purposes, such as polishing finished products, wiping spills, and eliminating contaminants. Berkshire provides lint-free wipes in many different materials, allowing you to select the ideal option for your cleanroom application. Here is a selection of the available options:

Lint-free* Polyester knitted: These wipes are exceptionally clean because they are laundered before packaging, making them perfect for Class 10 and 100 cleanrooms.
Lint-free* Microdenier: Made from 100% polyester, this is a unique and reliable option for a dry-cleaning wipe.
Lint-free* Nylon: Soft, absorbent, and durable, these wipes are a great choice.
Lint-free* Cellulose/Polyester: This option is versatile and ideal for most cleanroom applications. This lint-free material can be used dry or combined with alcohol or disinfectants to create a perfect wet cleaning wipe.
Lint-free* Polypropylene/Cellulose: This combination creates a cloth-like wipe.

Choosing the perfect lint-free wipe is based on your industry, application, “total cost in use,” and often the personal assessment of your cleanroom workers on what works best.

Lint-free* is determined by the lowest level of lint necessary to achieve a positive outcome with the process or product. As we stated previously, all cleaning cloths will produce lint, and there is no such thing as an entirely lint-free wipe since they are manufactured with fibers. However, cleanroom wipes are designed to meet different industries’ standards, specifications, or test procedures to provide customers with the lowest levels of fiber shed. 

Lint-free cleanroom wipers are essential for keeping cleanroom environments free of contaminants. These wipers perform various tasks, including wiping hard surfaces and applying cleaning solutions, to maintain the desired level of cleanliness. Therefore, choosing the right type of cleanroom wiper is a critical decision. Reviewing manufacturers’ product information sheets data allows end users to compare test results across various criteria to distinguish between similar cleanroom wipers. This is a first step before a secondary approach, such as third-party testing, is necessary to evaluate the cleanliness of a given wiper product.


With over 55 years of experience, Berkshire is a reliable source for a diverse range of lint-free cleanroom wipers. Our brand offers an extensive selection of nonwoven, microfiber, polyester, presaturated, sterile, and custom-sized wipes, giving you more options than any other brand. We cater to your specific cleanroom supplies needs by providing unlimited choices in materials, sizes, cleanliness levels, and packaging at affordable prices.

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