At Berkshire, when contamination poses a risk, we provide the products and services you need to minimize the risk of contamination in cleanrooms, controlled environments, and other critical manufacturing areas.

That’s why we’ve designed our BCR® Face Masks to protect your cleanroom or controlled environment from human contamination – and ensure that your people are covered too.

Our masks undergo particle filtration and bacteria filtration efficiency testing and have superior filtration capabilities. They are free of surfactants, fiberglass, glue, binders, or thread. Available with dual sizing options, including an extra-wide mask to accommodate broader profiles and ensure additional coverage. Masks come with an adjustable nose piece, knitted ear loops, and a comfortable inside layer.

We are confident you will find a solution to meet your needs – all while providing long, lasting comfort to your people and helping you reduce the risk of product and process contamination.


3-Layer Design. 100% Polypropylene Construction


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With a range of sizes, wear styles, and packaging configurations, you’ll find the right combination of performance, fit, and comfort for your application.