Animal Lab Cleaning Supplies & Products For Animal Research Laboratories And Other Animal Research Facilities

Animal Laboratories play a crucial role in developing medicines, vaccines, and better understanding ourselves and the diverse world that we live in. Pioneering new advances in technology requires a substantial investment in time and money; therefore, protecting your lab from contamination in the form of pathogens, endotoxins, and other harmful vectors is of paramount importance. We work directly with animal research professionals and understand the unique challenges when it comes to cleaning and protecting the health of humans and animals alike. Don’t let erroneous or skewed data result from harboring contamination that you can’t always see, our laboratory wipes are engineered to be low-linting and chemically compatible with many of the most common disinfectants used in animal laboratory environments. Explore our cleanroom mopping systems which excel at cleaning hard to reach areas and un-even rough surfaces that can pose unique challenges from a cleaning standpoint. In addition, we offer swabs available in a number of different sizes and tip configurations for various cleaning and sampling purposes along with our glove liners which provide coolness and comfort for operators.