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Glove Liners Q & A


GLOVE LINERS Q & A Question: What Is The Difference Between Polyester Glove Liners And Nylon Glove Liners? Answer: It has to do with the weight. While they are both thin, the polyester is a light weight and the nylon is a medium weight. So if you have a wet, heat or cold sensitive application, [Read More…]

What Type of Wood Pallets Does Berkshire Ship Their Product on?

LARGE pallets

Q: What Type Of Wood Pallets Does Berkshire Ship Their Product On? A: Berkshire does not use wood pallets treated with 2, 4, 6-Tribromophenol (TBP), Tribromoanisole (TBA), Methyl Bromid (MB) or other phenol based fungicide treatment. Products shipped from Berkshire’s USA facility are shipped on heat treated pallets marked with HT treatment code as defined [Read More…]

Gamma Irradiated vs. Validated Sterile

Gamma Irradiated refers to a product that has been irradiated at some predetermined dose which is felt to kill the bioburden. Sterility testing is usually not performed nor quarterly audits for continued validation. The Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) cannot be predicted. A higher dose of radiation may be delivered to the product than may not [Read More…]

Cost Savings: At What Cost? Part I

Knitted brows, serious faces. Movement with a strong sense of purpose. No wasted motion. An atmosphere of crisis. Palpable intensity. Something is amiss. Direction from management is clear: “Find the contamination source and fast!” The drop in yields was unmistakable and seemed to come out of nowhere. Something had changed and two weeks of intense [Read More…]

Cost Savings: At What Cost? Part II

In Part I we saw the consequences of using low-cost (likely off-spec) raw materials or consumables – the expenditure of many resources and man-hours to track down contamination sources. Unfortunately, this scenario plays out all too often when sub-standard wipers are substituted (to “save money”) for a previously specified branded product that had been performing without incident [Read More…]

To Glove or Not to Glove – Preserving The Past

The Customer An archival and conservation company currently uses BCR® Nylon Single-Knit white full-finger gloves for their preservation activities.  The Applications Skin contains oils (sebum) and acids that can damage the emulsions and ink on photos, slides, and negatives. An ungloved hand can not only do irreparable damage to your materials, it can also leave fingerprints [Read More…]

Wiper Compatibility – Formalin


Question We are interested in a wiper that is good for absorbing large amounts of formalin (approximately 40% formaldehyde and 60% water). Any suggestions? Answer Any of our wipers would be compatible with that solution. If you want a nonwoven look for the ones with the higher Sorbency Efficiencies – the most absorbent for their [Read More…]

Cleanroom Paper – Q & A

Question This paper can be autoclaved for Grade A/B cleanroom areas, but can it be used with an inkjet printer and a copier? Will handwritten ink or marker smear or bleed on the paper? Will handwritten ink or marker smear or bleed on the paper when exposed to water or 70% alcohol spray? Answer Our Berkshire [Read More…]

Powder Coating: Surface Preparation Solutions


The Customer An aluminum wheel manufacturer is currently using Choice® SuperSorb 12×12″ (30x30cm) disposable wipes for their powder coating applications. The Applications Oil, aluminum oxide and other contaminants in the pre-treatment (surface preparation) process can adversely affect the quality of the final product. Wiping down the bare metal after cleaning and prior to coating will [Read More…]

CapSure® from Berkshire: Cleanroom Wiper Demonstration

Capsure logo

CAPSURE® IS A BREAKTHROUGH technology from Berkshire Corporation. Its innovative process enables wipers to capture and retain more contaminant particles and, therefore, provide a more effective wipe with reduced risk of recontamination.   Video Demonstration In the video below, we demonstrate the particle-retention performance of CapSure®: CapSure® Products Online Berkshire incorporates the CapSure® technology into several [Read More…]