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How To Clean a Biological Safety Cabinet

How To Clean a Biological Safety Cabinet

Do your operators use IPA and Deionized Water on their gloves prior to cleaning a biological safety cabinet? Are they cleaning top to bottom, left to right, cleanest to dirtiest? There are specific steps involved with cleaning a biological safety cabinet. Watch the video for cleaning techniques that can supplement your current SOPs and assist [Read More…]

How Photon Sails Are Powering CubeSats Across the Final Frontier

How Photon Sails Are Powering CubeSats Across the Final Frontier

For readers who keep up to date with new issues in psychology (we know, but bear with us…) a recent discussion of megalophobia must have been of some interest. Megalophobia is a disorder defined as the fear of large objects, or objects that are perceived as being larger than they ‘should’ be. An example could [Read More…]

Will Hayabusa-2 Reveal the Secrets of the Origin of the Universe?

National flag of Japan on clear blue sky

Recently there has been much talk about the process and ethics of moving materials that may be subject to later analysis and scrutiny into ‘secure storage.’ But the quarantining of assets such as, shall we say ‘electronic data,’ is not the only target of enhanced protection and safeguarding. In fact, around 195 million miles from [Read More…]

India’s Cleanroom Highs and Woes

The Indian Flag flying high on top of a flag pole

India. A continent of extremes. To some, it’s an enchanted land where outrageous wealth lives alongside extraordinary poverty. One in which breathtaking natural beauty co-exists with massive urban decay. India is a nation where a deep-rooted mystical tradition does little to slow the drumbeat of technological advancement. Home to the largest supplier of generic pharmaceuticals [Read More…]

Cleanroom Technology in Service to France’s Space Program

French flag blowing in the wind.

Despite continued controversy as to the exact reasons for the change, it remains a scientific fact that the weather – indeed the climate as a whole – appears to be changing. The old norms of the cool north and sweltering south are rapidly being replaced on a hitherto unprecedented level. News last week from France [Read More…]

Beresheet: Down in a Blaze of Glory


Back in February, we published an article about developments in Israel’s private space program. ‘Sending ‘Selfies’ from the Moon’ turned out to spark a great deal of enthusiasm on the part of readers for the renewed interest in the cold and lonely satellite we first visited in 1969. Beresheet, which as you’ll recall means ‘Genesis’ [Read More…]

Sending ‘Selfies’ from the Moon

Color mosaic of the Earth's moon.

Every decade has its space adventures, missions that push our understanding of the universe and of our own planet, journeys that excite and inspire. From astronomers in academia, to NASA, to 8th grade classrooms, the thrill of exploration, innovation, and adventure is singular and unparalleled. Take, for instance, the 1960s which saw Alan Shepherd becoming [Read More…]

Crew Transportation to the ISS

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In recent posts we’ve been perhaps a little, shall we say, ‘starry-eyed’ about advances in space exploration – especially when they involve the use of cleanrooms and contamination-control technologies. (And whenever we peek behind the scenes of an aeronautical success, we often find a cleanroom is involved.) We’ve looked at Elon Musk’s pioneering move to [Read More…]

Gecko Toes in Space

Gecko Grippers

During the course of the last couple of years here at Cleanroom News, we’ve had the opportunity to examine such diverse topics as functional nanomaterials and insect droids, and have been excited to delve into issues that have not only educated but also charmed and fascinated. And perhaps one of the most charming of these [Read More…]

Does Berkshire Have a Wipe That Meets Aircraft – Aerospace AMS 3819 Requirements?

aircraft engine

Does Berkshire have a wipe that meets aircraft – aerospace AMS 3819 requirements? Cloths, Cleaning, for Aircraft Primary and Secondary Structural Surfaces Durx® 670, a dry nonwoven wipe, meets AMS 3819 requirements, Class 2, Form 1 SatPax® 670, a presaturated nonwoven wipe, meets AMS 3819 requirements, Class 2, Form 2 MicroSeal SuperSorb®, a polyester wipe, [Read More…]