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How Many Passes With a Cleanroom Wipe Will Get a Surface Clean and Sterile?

Cleanroom Wiping How Many Passes

Answer: Berkshire cannot provide specific recommendations regarding how many swipes/passes of a wiper on a surface will make the surface clean or free of microorganisms.The main reason for this is each situation where wipers are used is different and has many variables, each of which will have an impact on the outcome of any cleaning. [Read More…]

Proper Wiper Folding and Surface Cleaning Video

Cleanroom Wiper folding

Berkshire’s Guide to properly fold and use a low-linting wiper for maximum efficiency and effectiveness in a controlled environment.   Download our Cleanroom Proper Wiper Folding and Surface Cleaning Poster Today! Shop our Cleanroom Wipes

Is There a Blue Cleanroom Wipe?

blusorb -blue wipe

Q: Is there a blue cleanroom wipe?   A: Berkshire BluSorb® 750 is a 55% cellulose/45% polyester hydroentangled nonwoven blue cleanroom wipe. It is an excellent choice for a work surface mat as its blue color provides the background differentiation necessary for visual inspection applications. It has low extractable levels and particle counts. BluSorb® 750 is chemically compatible with [Read More…]

What is the Best Food Contact Surface Wipe?

food contact

  Q: What is the Best Food Contact Surface Wipe? A: The best food contact compliant surface wipe must be tested by a third party lab for compliance with FDA 21 CFR regulations. The following Berkshire wipes have been tested and are compliant, written test results can be provided upon request.      

What is the 7 Series of Cleanroom Wipers?

7-series wipes

The 7 Series from Berkshire includes 16 SKUs, each a 7x cut of an existing top performance cleanroom wiper. These strategically sized wipes offer economic and environmental benefits.     Did You Know? A 7 Series wipe can still be folded. Fold the wipe in half the long way making it 4” x 7”. Fingers [Read More…]

Are Cleanroom Wipes Traceable?


Q: Are cleanroom wipes traceable? A: Berkshire’s cleanroom wipes are traceable. Each individual pack of all non-sterile and sterile cleanroom Berkshire wipes have a lot number displayed on the label. This SKU level traceability ensures that the supply chain cGMP requirements you are facing for cleanroom consumables are fulfilled.

What is the Most Absorbent Cleanroom Wipe?


What is the most absorbent cleanroom wipe? The most absorbent cleanroom wiper is MicroSeal SuperSorb, it is a 2-ply cleanroom wipe constructed of 100% continuous filament polyester knit diamond pattern, making it the most absorbent polyester wiper available.

What is the Difference Between Stacked and Bulk Packaged Cleanroom Wipes?


Q: What is the difference between stacked and bulk packaged knitted cleanroom wipes? A: Stacked Each wipe is inspected and stacked one on top of the other. The end result is an even square pack that allows each wipe to be removed individually from the pack. Bulk Bulk packaged wipes are placed into a bag with a [Read More…]

Can the SatPax® 1000 Canister Be Autoclaved?

Satpax Canister

Q: Can the SatPax® 1000 canister be autoclaved? A: The canister is made from HDPE (high density polyethylene) and therefore cannot be autoclaved. The canister could melt and contaminate the autoclave chamber. It can be gamma irradiated and Berkshire would recommend 25kGy as a minimum dose.