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Particles on Surfaces: Part 2 – The Ties That Bind

In Particles on Surfaces – Part 1, witness wafer and settling plate data showed that particles and bacteria (i.e. viable particles) will settle on cleanroom surfaces. From this we can infer that particles do NOT behave as hard microscopic billiard balls, striking surfaces and rebounding into the air. Rather, through inelastic collisions with the surface, they [Read More…]

Particles on Surfaces: Part 1 – Next to Godliness


Surely cleanrooms qualify. Air filtered everywhere. Operators garbed from head to foot with only a portion of their faces exposed.  Spotless stainless steel and plastic surfaces everywhere. No paper or cardboard anywhere. Manufactured product protected. Surely this is cleanliness next to Godliness. Appearances are deceiving. Despite the advances made in the High Efficiency Particle Air [Read More…]

Things You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know About Lint-Free Wipes

A recent search on Google for the term lint-free wipe returned over 18 million results. A further refinement to “lint-free wipes” returned over 330,000 results. And another search for “lint free wiper” produced over 1.5 million results. A simple change in characters or adding a letter churned out different results. The one thing they have [Read More…]

Big Problems with Small Ions


The Issue Of Ion Contamination In Electronics Manufacturing Processes Is Of Critical Importance. Therefore It Is Incumbent On Manufacturers To Be Vigilant In Detecting And Minimizing Ionic Contamination. By Howard Siegerman, Ph.D BIG PROBLEMS WITH SMALL IONS THE ISSUE OF ION CONTAMINATION in microelectronics is of critical importance because electronic device failures have been directly linked [Read More…]