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Taking the Charge Out of Wiping ESD-Sensitive Surfaces

child vacuuming

Let’s start with a quick story titled “The Mystery of the Talking Plant”. On a dry, wintry day a son calls out to Mom. MOM!!! The plant in the living room is talking to me, really! “What?” “No, seriously Mom.  I had just finished vacuuming and the plant next to me started making a buzzing [Read More…]

Particles on Surfaces: Part 8 – How Clean is Clean For Microelectronic Companies?


Let’s focus on one of the most challenging cleaning requirements for the pharmaceutical industry – cleaning equipment used to manufacture injectable materials – so called “parenteral drugs”. These materials must be made in environments that are absolutely clean and sterile, because there is no opportunity for the drugs to be sterilized after packaging – i.e. [Read More…]