Cleanroom Paper – Q & A


This paper can be autoclaved for Grade A/B cleanroom areas, but can it be used with an inkjet printer and a copier? Will handwritten ink or marker smear or bleed on the paper? Will handwritten ink or marker smear or bleed on the paper when exposed to water or 70% alcohol spray?


Our Berkshire BCR® Bond and recyclable EcoBond® can both be used in a copier, but we don’t recommend them for use in an inkjet printer. We recommend that you use regular ball point pens with this paper. Fast drying markers can also be used, but those with excess of liquid ink can smear until it has dried. If the handwritten ink or marker is left to dry, there is less chance that it will bleed. There will be more bleeding with 70% alcohol spray compared to water.


Can the cleanroom paper be autoclaved?


The recommended autoclave cycle for cleanroom bond paper is 121°C for 30 minutes at 1.0 atmosphere. This recommendation only covers what the bond paper can withstand and does not ensure sterility is achieved.

It is the responsibility of the end user to validate the autoclave cycle to ensure the required results can be consistently achieved (considering all parameters, including but not limited to load size and load position).


    • Blue Bond is not recommended for autoclaving as it fades to a grayish color.
    • Bond paper may ripple when exposed to steam.


Did You Know?

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