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Revisiting the Unsanitary/Insanitary Conundrum of Custom Biopharmaceuticals

Machine for making capsules

Compounding the Problem? If we were called upon to characterize last year in just two words, we would undoubtedly select unprecedented and pandemic as the most obvious watchwords of 2020. And at this point in time their definition is abundantly clear. But, as we start 2021, a couple of terms have resurfaced that apparently remain [Read More…]

Cleanroom News: Top 5 Articles of 2020

2020 Cleanroom News Top Articles

Happy New Year and here’s to shutting the door firmly on the horror that was 2020. It’s hard to imagine that the terms ‘Best of…’ and ‘2020’ can come together in a sentence, but we’re running with it nonetheless. Every week of this annus horribilis, we have brought you stories that inform, inspire, and uplift, [Read More…]

Reptiles to the Rescue: Could Dragon’s Blood Offer Ancient Antidotes?

Walking komodo dragon isolated on white, with clipping path

We talk a lot about vaccines these days, and for good reason. But it’s easy to forget that, even in the excitement swirling around COVD-19 vaccine development, other bio-medical research is quietly also being conducted in our nation’s cleanrooms and laboratories. So we’re going to take a mini ‘Pandemic Pause’ today and shift the focus [Read More…]

COVID versus Camelid: Do Nanobodies Do a Body Good?

COVID versus Camelid

Very occasionally a story emerges that stops us in our tracks and gives us pause for reflection. This year has seen its fair share of those, it must be admitted, because 2020 has – by anyone’s measure – been quite the year. And so it is again that today’s pandemic ponderings revolves around cleanroom COVID-19 [Read More…]

What is the Future for the Flying Car?

Autogyro in flight with rotating propellers

Terrafugia or Terre Firme? One of the few experiences we didn’t think we’d miss in our ‘new normal’ is that of commercial airline travel. After all, it’s hard to refute the idea that, during the last decade or so, the erstwhile ‘friendly skies’ are simply no longer, well… friendly any more. With increased ticket prices, [Read More…]

Could Tobacco Be an Unexpected Ally in Killing COVID-19?


Plant-Based Alchemy Here at Berkshire, we’re always excited to learn about the latest developments emerging from the nation’s cleanrooms indeed from contamination-controlled environments across the globe. And as we come across innovative and timely research, we’re committed to keeping you up to speed too. Even when the research involves a material, process, or concept that [Read More…]

Apis, Bee Venom, and Cleanrooms – the New ABCs of Cancer Treatment


Heard the Buzz? When we think of the work performed in cleanrooms we often envision the drama and romance of large-scale projects. The ‘blue sky’ research and engineering that may, one day, take us to Mars or allow us to communicate seamlessly around the globe or brain-to-brain. And while these kinds of projects leave us [Read More…]

How Cleanroom Technology is Rescuing our Blood Supplies


Lab Grown Blood Throughout human history, we have searched for ways to prolong our lives. Whether it be through cleaner living, exercise, scientific advancement, or improved diet, humans are a species in perpetual search for an elixir of life, a fountain of eternal youth. And this impulse makes it into our history and cultural mythos [Read More…]

How Elon Musk’s Breakthrough AI Technology May Reshape Humankind


“Fitbit In Your Skull” Our recent focus on robotics and artificial intelligence in the food service industry has left us hungry to investigate parallel developments in other spheres. The bio-medical field, for instance, is one area that narrows the distance – both theoretical and physical – between conceptual artificial intelligence and its physical implementation. According [Read More…]

Dark Skies No More?

Radio telescopes and the Milky Way at night

How Starlink Could Destroy the Magic of the Universe From the beginnings of human history, presumably as soon as our species stood upright and gazed aloft, we have been enchanted by the inky mystery of the night sky. From the time of the Neo-Babylonian Empire to Ancient Rome and Greece, pinpoints of light have been [Read More…]