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Advanced Research in the Era of the Chimera

animal human chimera

What do you get if you cross a parrot with a centipede? Take a moment…A walkie-talkie! Yes, as anyone with a kindergartener knows, the old jokes really are the best. But when it comes to crossing one animal with another – also known as hybridization – it’s time to get serious. Although the idea of [Read More…]

How To Clean a Biological Safety Cabinet

How To Clean a Biological Safety Cabinet

Do your operators use IPA and Deionized Water on their gloves prior to cleaning a biological safety cabinet? Are they cleaning top to bottom, left to right, cleanest to dirtiest? There are specific steps involved with cleaning a biological safety cabinet. Watch the video for cleaning techniques that can supplement your current SOPs and assist [Read More…]

How the ‘Hidden’ Internet May Be Causing Injury and Death


Habits can be hard to break. That impulse purchase that breaks our budget, that extra slice of pizza despite our diets, that glass of wine to relax on a Friday evening. Whatever the form of our own personal kryptonite, habitual behaviors are a sort of neural wiring and as such ingrained and a real challenge [Read More…]

Cancer, Cocoons, and the Cleanroom.


If it’s been a long week already perhaps you’re in the mood for a little light relief for your Thursday. So here’s a quick quiz to see whether you – our readers – pay as much attention to broader culture as you do to news from within our industry. So without further ado, here’s our [Read More…]

Has Berkshire or a 3rd Party Performed Any Microbial Efficacy/kill Studies on the Satpax® Line of Presaturated IPA Wipers?

Satpax Canister

Question: Has Berkshire or a 3rd party performed any microbial efficacy/kill studies on the SatPax® line of presaturated IPA wipers? Answer: An efficacy/kill study has not been performed by Berkshire or a 3rd party lab for SatPax®.  Because of the number of variables involved when using wipes, it would be very difficult to produce meaningful [Read More…]

I Can See Clearly Now Part III


Figure 1.  Randomly dispersed ultra-fine polyester strands within a non-woven microfiber wiper. In their pursuit of superior materials, textile scientists have been able to engineer a new type of nonwoven microfiber fabric.  Traditional microfiber materials are comprised of very fine threads of polyester or polyester and nylon in which wedge-shaped strands are held within a [Read More…]

Goop Believes the Little Things Count – Truth in Advertising, Not So Much


Fruitloopery In a Napa County Superior Court this month, actor Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand, Goop, accepted civil penalties in the amount of $145,000 for unsubstantiated health claims regarding some products sold on the company’s website. The online ‘wellness empire’ was found guilty of misbranding and false advertisement in a suit brought by the California Food, [Read More…]

Contamination Control vs Embryotoxicity

Mitochondria, a membrane-enclosed cellular organelles, which produce energy Mitochondria , Cell energy and Cellular respiration Mitochondrial disease Mitochondrial DNA

When you hear the phrase ‘designer babies,’ what springs most readily to mind? It’s an emotionally, socially, and politically loaded term that’s come to represent much of what’s ethically questionable in genetic research. Perhaps we might think of the movie Gattaca (that we referenced last week) in which genetics equal destiny. Or the 2003 German [Read More…]

Human-Generated Particle Contamination

particle contamination

CLEANROOM PERSONNEL Cleanroom garments cannot contain all human detritus Particles (µm) travel up through the garments toward the head Particles (µm) fall down the legs during activity Gowning SOPs and continuous training is crucial  

Proper Wiper Folding and Surface Cleaning Video

Cleanroom Wiper folding

Berkshire’s Guide to properly fold and use a low-linting wiper for maximum efficiency and effectiveness in a controlled environment.   Download our Cleanroom Proper Wiper Folding and Surface Cleaning Poster Today! Shop our Cleanroom Wipes