Quick Fundamentals on The Best Prewetted IPA Wipes


Pre-wetted IPA wipes are handy for contamination control activities in all types of cleanrooms and clean processes. They combine the correct wipe substrates with the appropriate amount of cleaning liquid, making it a convenient delivery system for wiping environmental surfaces such as benchtops, counters, carts, trays, and process equipment. IPA is commercially available in high purity, is reasonably inexpensive, has good cleaning power (soil removal), and, most importantly, evaporates almost entirely without leaving a surface residue.

The technical note “ PRE-WETTED WIPERS OPTIMIZED FOR APPLICATION-SPECIFIC CLEANING” discusses the ideal isopropyl alcohol (IPA) concentration for three different pre-wetted wiper products and explains why each concentration is optimal for a specific cleaning application. Pre-wetted wipers are designed to incorporate different wetting levels to optimize cleaning.

Pre-wetted alcohol wipes offer numerous benefits over standard wipes. They save time and money while providing a safer option for the personnel responsible for cleaning. Pre-wetted wipes eliminate the need for IPA solution storage, control, and dilution while minimizing VOCs. Cleanroom alcohol wipes are often considered durable and soft for scratch-sensitive surfaces. They are commonly used in areas such as public spaces, gowning rooms, labs, hospitals, and industrial settings like aerospace, electronics, semiconductor, and EV battery manufacturing. In addition to cleaning surfaces, they are also effective in removing solutions such as disinfectants, adhesives, and residues.

Prewetted or presaturated IPA wipes, such as canisters and pouches, are conveniently packaged. Customers often look for functional packaging benefits with the simplicity of storing, opening, and resealing to extend the product’s life. It is worth noting that when considering IPA wipes for a cleanroom, packaging should be an essential part of the evaluation process. Certain items such as cardboard, papers, wraps, films, and non-cleanroom labeling may be prohibited in controlled areas. Refer to your specific company procedures or manual for further information.

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