Aerospace Wipes by Berkshire

Berkshire Aerospace Wipes

These aircraft wipes are made with the most advanced technology using powerful water jets to weave the fabric together and purify the material. This results in high-performing, ultra-clean, low-lint wipes and towels without any binders, chemicals, or adhesives that could contaminate your work. If you’re looking for quality and high performance, Berkshire aerospace-grade wipes are the perfect choice to meet the strict grading requirements of aerospace manufacturing and maintenance.

Here’s a helpful tip to get the most out of your wipes:

  • Fold them in quarters or halves to increase the number of wiping surfaces and layers of absorption.
  • Remember to start cleaning from the cleanest areas and work towards the dirtier ones.
  • Be cautious not to spread contaminants to sensitive areas by avoiding cross-contamination.

Every aerospace-grade wipe is “engineered clean” right out of the package. It’s made in a controlled environment, lint-free*, and without any additives for maximum absorbency. These wipes are designed for cleaning hard-to-reach corners and crevices. They are engineered to prevent snagging on metal parts and corners.

Why switch to aerospace wipes that are lint-free?

Compared to paper wipes, these very clean aerospace wipes outperform them as they don’t snag, tear, or leave lint behind. Compared to cheesecloth, which tends to fray and leave behind threads that may require redoing, these non-woven wipes perform better. They have a smooth texture, making them ideal for cleaning tools and equipment. You can use them to prepare surfaces before coating or for thorough surface cleaning. Additionally, they are a perfect match for even the harshest aerospace solvents. They are a perfect replacement for rental towels. Even after washing, rental towels may still contain contaminants like metal shavings, chemical residue, and stains. Rags are usually made from used clothes that are stained and do not have the necessary absorbency and properties required for essential aerospace cleaning.

What applications are aerospace wipes used for? 

Berkshire Aerospace Grade Wipes are perfect for drying surfaces, cleaning tight spaces, and wiping metal parts and corners. These wipes are designed to avoid snagging, pulling and are ideal for various industries such as aerospace manufacturing and maintenance, weapon systems maintenance, laboratories, production areas, and heavy equipment maintenance. The low-lint material allows for critical cleaning and is effective in machining operations, coating preparation, and maintenance of military weapons. These wipes are consistently clean and exceptionally absorbent, making them a great choice for various applications.