Cleanroom Behavior Tips – Top Five

cleanroom laboratory

Cleanrooms are critical environments where controlling contaminants is essential for the products’ or processes’ safety and integrity. Cleanrooms are essential in many industries, including pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, and biotechnology. Cleanroom behavior is critical to maintaining a sterile environment and avoiding contamination in such controlled environments.


Here are the top five best practices for proper cleanroom behavior:


  1. Respect Cleanroom Procedures: To maintain a proper environment, cleanroom procedures must be followed precisely, not casually or quickly.
  2. Proper PPE Procedures:  Correctly dressing and wearing cleanroom clothing (PPE) is critical for contamination control management. Follow your operations-specific SOP’s for donning and removing PPE.
  3. Personal Care: Remember, the primary source of contamination in a cleanroom is people and skin flake or hair dispersion.  The goal is to prevent the release of particles from cleanroom personnel. It is also essential that cleanroom attire must be low-linting and that individuals must not wear jewelry, makeup, or perfumes that can shed particles.
  4. Environmental Controls: Cross-contamination of the manufacturing surface can be caused by people moving around quickly and rapidly and even stopping suddenly. Slow down and be deliberate. All doors and windows must be closed whenever possible to maintain positive air pressure. People must also be mindful of the environment by not creating unnecessary air turbulence or drafts, significantly affecting cleanroom contamination.
  5. Proper Training: Proper training on cleanroom behavior is essential for all personnel working in the cleanroom. Training should include the proper gowning procedures, hygiene, and behavior within the cleanroom environment. For instance, when carrying cleanroom supplies, the position of the arms is essential to ensure proper airflow direction in the cleanroom.  Operators should carry cleanroom materials from the bottom.