Guide for Disinfectants, Sporicides, and Biocides for Cleanrooms

Guide for Disinfectants, Sporicides, and Biocides for Cleanrooms

Be sure to choose from the variety of disinfectants, sporicides, and biocides specifically designed for use in cleanrooms. They are ideal for controlling microbial contamination, including bacterial spores, in critical aseptic core cleanroom manufacturing areas. Berkshire’s range of cleaning products caters to different needs and allows you to select the correct cleanroom disinfection or sanitization program. Factors such as efficacy, residue control, health, and safety should be taken into consideration to ensure that you choose the most suitable option for your facility.

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What is Disinfection?

The process of disinfection involves getting rid of harmful microorganisms on non-living objects, except for bacterial spores, with the application of a chemical or treatment. This is typically done in cleanroom cleaning, labs, healthcare, and food manufacturing. The effectiveness of disinfection should be measured and can be affected by various factors, including cleanroom behavior, which may reduce or eliminate its efficacy.

What is Sterilization?

Sterilization aims to remove all microorganisms on the surface of an item to prevent the transmission of diseases associated with its use. Sterilization is a process that uses physical or chemical methods such as steam, dry heat, EtO gas, hydrogen peroxide gas plasma, gamma irradiation, and liquid cleanroom chemicals to eliminate all microbial life. Sterilization is a precise term, and the probability of sterility for each item to be sterilized is measured as the product’s sterility assurance level (SAL). This measures the probability of a single viable microorganism occurring on the product after sterilization. Users should consult their manufacturers on their sterile cleaning products to validate a product’s sterility.


Sterilization & Disinfection Chemicals for Cleanroom Bioburdens

For pharmaceutical facilities that need to maintain microbiologically clean environments as per federal regulations, it is crucial to have access to disinfection and sterilization technologies and chemicals. It is important to note that there is a difference between sterilization and disinfection. Sterilization methods must eliminate all microbial life forms, including spores, whereas disinfection methods only target vegetative cells. While disinfection can slow down or hinder the growth of microbes, it is not necessarily effective against spores. Therefore, cleaning, sterilization, and disinfection should not be used interchangeably, and all three should be considered in the stages of effective cleanroom cleaning.

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