Are you aware that phenolics are subject to regulatory scrutiny and pose potential hazards in various essential aspects? When the time comes to substitute phenolics in your critical cleaning process, Berkshire offers safer options and can assist you in selecting the best one for your cleaning requirements. Follow the link below to access our free guide and gain further knowledge.

The Truth About Phenolics

Subject to regulatory scrutiny, the hazards of
Phenolics can be seen across several key attributes.

Phenolics encompass a range of substituted hydroxybenzene active ingredients. Certain Phenolics have been banned in Europe and are under investigation by U.S. EPA.

Phenolics are hazardous materials with level 3 hazard ratings according to NFPA. In addition, they are Category 1 for skin corrosion and eye damage according to
OSHA regulations and have a “Danger” signal word per the US EPA.

Phenolic disinfectants are grouped into low-pH acidic or high-pH alkaline  Categories. The nature of these products leads to low surface compatibility and significant corrosion of metal surfaces.

Phenolics are designated as respiratory irritants.  Formulas also contain VOC additives and may be flammable. Therefore, additional PPE, including respiratory ventilators, may be needed.

Phenolics may be sold as concentrates which need to be diluted before use. This  could pose compliance errors if done incorrectly. Diluted solutions may have short shelf life once mixed.

Levels of ingredients needed to achieve efficacy lead to residue build up on  surfaces.  Furthermore, residue may be harmful to the operator.

Phenolics are recognized as very toxic to aquatic life, with long-lasting effects. Avoid release into the environment.

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