Sodium Hypochlorite

Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach):

Are you seeking disinfectant alternatives to bleach that are safer and more effective? Due to its harsh properties, bleach, also known as sodium hypochlorite, may not be the most suitable option for disinfecting critical environments. To make informed decisions about your cleaning procedures, it is essential to comprehend these crucial attributes and their implications. Berkshire provides safer disinfectant alternatives and can help you choose the appropriate disinfectant solution with our complimentary guide. Click the link below to download it now and learn more.

Replace bleach with safer, effective, and powerful alternatives.

Bleach, also referred to as sodium hypochlorite, has a number of attributes that make it a less friendly option for your critical environment disinfection needs.

Hypochlorite oxidizes a
wide range of materials,
including metals and plastics. Unfortunately, it also contains high-pH alkaline (caustic), which causes additional damage via hydrolysis.

Hypochlorite has a level 3 hazard rating according to
NFPA and HMIS standards. It
is Category 1 for skin and eye irritation according to OSHA
regulations. It also has a
“Danger” signal word per the

Hypochlorite formulation
typically contains tabilizers, such as silicates or surfactants, to extend its shelf-life. However, the additives leave a heavy residue that may be insoluble in water, difficult to remove, and cause further corrosion.

Hypochlorite can release
chlorine-containing gases that have strong, distinct odors. These gases can also irritate the eyes or the respiratory system.

Hypochlorite’s reactivity
determines that it degrades
rapidly in storage and typically has a one-year shelf-life.

Hypochlorite’s hazardous
ratings and corrosive nature
may require special storage
measures. The bulk liquid also takes up space, driving up costs.

Sporicide, Disinfectant, Sanitizer

*Sodium dichloroisocyanurate, a stable,milder, and highly effective cousin of
traditional bleach.

Disinfectant, Sanitizer

Disinfectant, Sanitizer

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