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Phenolic Solutions: Are They Cleaners or Disinfectants?


THOUGH PHENOLIC SOLUTIONS are often referred to as “cleaning solutions,” they actually deviate somewhat from the typical cleaning solution. Generally, cleaning solutions are characterized by their ability to remove soils (contaminants) from surfaces. Phenolic solutions don’t really do this. Cleaning solutions remove soils from surfaces by lowering the surface tension of the thin water layer that [Read More…]

A Look at Quats, ‘Low Quats’ … and Loquats?


QUATERNARY AMMONIUM SALTS are sometimes called “quats.” Low concentrations of quats (sometimes called “low quats”) are used in water as disinfecting agents. When it comes to contamination control, some terminology can be confusing. Let’s clear something up: A “quat” is the abbreviation for a class of chemicals known as quaternary ammonium salts. Low concentrations of quats [Read More…]

What Are Validated Sterile Wipers?

TO BE USED in a sterile environment, production consumables, like wipers, must conform to high standards and be documented as validated sterile. Meeting Manufacturing & Documentation Standards This Technical Brief presents an overview of: The concept of sterility. Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). Validated procedures for sterile manufacturing. ANSI / AAMI / ISO standards for sterility. Sterility [Read More…]