Can You Autoclave Berkshire’s Cleanroom Swabs?


Can you autoclave Berkshire’s cleanroom swabs?

Yes, you can autoclave all our Lab-Tips® cleanroom swabs. We tested using Steam Heat at 126℃ for 30 minutes. The polypropylene handles did become brittle. As always, for sterility validation of the autoclaving you’ll need to validate your particular cycle to ensure the autoclave cycle renders the product sterile.

Are Berkshire’s cleanroom swabs delivered in autoclavable bags?

No, the Lab-Tips® come double bagged in cleanroom bags manufactured from high purity polyethylene resin resulting in ultra-low organic and inorganic residues. The bags are free from silicone, amides, and DP and comply with RoHS directives. An easy tear notch and solvent resistant inner pack labels ensures ease of use for cleanroom operators.

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Medical autoclave for sterilising surgical and other instruments.


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