Berkshire Corporation Launches VersaHOCl™ – A Safer Disinfectant Technology


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Greensboro, NC October 27, 2022 – Berkshire Corporation, a global industry leader in developing and manufacturing products that minimize the risk of contamination in cleanrooms and other critical environments, launched VersaHOCl™, a powerful, non-toxic, low-residue disinfectant. VersaHOCl™ has an active ingredient of 0.065% hypochlorous acid. This EPA-registered one-step RTU (ready-to-use) cleaner, disinfectant, and deodorizer effectively kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Berkshire is excited to add this disinfectant to their portfolio of contamination control products recognizing that people who use disinfectants face many dilemmas when cleaning their environments effectively. For example, they need to safely disinfect surfaces and equipment while minimizing the harmful effects of traditional disinfectants.

VersaHOCl™ safely disinfects surfaces and equipment with minimal residue.

“HOCl offers a way in which you can effectively disinfect your environment while drastically lowering the risk of damaging your expensive equipment and sensitive surfaces while maintaining safety for the operators,” says Wenyu Zhang, Ph.D., R&D Manager at Berkshire Corporation. That’s because of VersaHOCl’s non-corrosive, low-odor, and low-residue properties. Combined with its broad-spectrum efficacy, it is an ideal solution for many environments, including cleanrooms and controlled environments.

About Berkshire Corporation
Berkshire Corporation is the global contamination control leader for cleanroom consumable supplies, developing and manufacturing products for critical surfaces and controlled environments. In addition, the Berkshire Center for Applied Surface Sciences team conducts advanced research and analysis in contamination management and prevention. Berkshire’s highly customized products are new cleaning solutions meant to solve unique customer requirements and applications in cleansing technology, microbiology, and disinfection. As a result, Berkshire Corporation’s products deliver superior performance, consistent quality, enhanced productivity, and the lowest total cost in use.

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