Can you print on cleanroom paper?

Berkshire Bond Clean Room Paper

Cleanroom paper, a type of bond paper, is typically made using a combination of rag pulp and cotton fibers sourced from textile mills and cotton liners. The cotton content in this bond paper ranges from 25% to 100%, and if the raw cotton content is less than 100%, wood fibers are used as filler. This paper is unique due to its special coating, which restricts the release of contaminants and enhances its ink absorption capabilities. It’s specifically designed for maximum contamination control in critical processing applications and is highly recommended for use in ISO Class 3-7 cleanrooms. This recommendation underscores its suitability for such environments. Additionally, it’s compatible with photocopiers and laser printers, ensuring smooth operations without any jamming issues. However, it may not be the best fit for some inkjet printers.

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