Cleaning Surfaces Using A Double Bucket System

2 bucket mopping
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  1. Cleaning Solution Bucket – Add or
    mix the cleaning solution to the first
    bucket and fully saturate the mop
    cover in the solution.
  2. Waste Bucket – Using the wringer,
    located over the waste bucket, wring
    the excess cleaning solution from the
    mop into the waste bucket – the
    second bucket.
  3. Mop – Apply the cleaning solution to
    the surface using your company’s
    Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
    for mopping.
  4. Waste Bucket – Using the wringer,
    wring the mop and waste water into
    the waste bucket for the second time.
    This process can be repeated
    multiple times until your surfaces are
    cleaned. *

* The cleaning solution and mop cover should be changed when they are visibly dirty or show evidence of debris.

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