What is the difference between a Cleanroom and Clean Room?


Cleanroom vs Clean Room

Many new to the Cleanroom Industry often wonder why sometimes they see variation with the way that cleanroom is spelled, is one word or two words? what is going on here? While “Cleanroom” one word is the most popular terminology across most industries and often drives the highest degree of relevance, there is more to the story then you might initially think. “Clean Room” two words is often the variation of cleanroom used in scientific/research environments along with aerospace clean rooms used by NASA and other space agencies. Read articles about the Mars Rover, Webb Telescope, and other interstellar travel and you will most often see “clean room”.

The Cleanroom Web?

“Clean Room” two words can also create some cognitive dissidence for search engines like Google where “Clean Room” two words can also sometimes get confused with people referring to clean rooms in their homes and the plethora of “clean rooms” for rent on Craigslist and other online directories.

Clean Room in Industrial Manufacturing Environments
“Clean Room” two words also has some connotations in industrial manufacturing environments where it often can refer to a room or area that needs to be cleaner which isn’t always an ISO rated cleanroom environment.

Cleanrooms of the world?

Looking through the international lens, there is similar variation when it comes to clean room and cleanroom across the globe and often it depends on culturally adopted nomenclature as to which version reigns supreme. In addition, there are places like Mexico, France, and Spain that use a variation which translates to “white room” which is yet another variation in the Cleanroom cannon. No matter what variation you use, we are here to help you minimize the risk of contamination, it’s the Berkshire Difference!

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