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Particles on Surfaces: Part 2 – The Ties That Bind

In Particles on Surfaces – Part 1, witness wafer and settling plate data showed that particles and bacteria (i.e. viable particles) will settle on cleanroom surfaces. From this we can infer that particles do NOT behave as hard microscopic billiard balls, striking surfaces and rebounding into the air. Rather, through inelastic collisions with the surface, they [Read More…]

Proper Cleanroom Wiper Folding & Surface Cleaning Poster


DOWNLOAD POSTER: An updated guide to properly folding and utilizing a low-linting wiper for maximum cleaning efficiency in a cleanroom, controlled or critical environment.

Pre-Wetted Wipers Optimized for Application-Specific Cleaning


HERE’S A LOOK at the three optimum isopropyl alcohol (IPA) concentrations found in pre-wetted cleanroom wipers. What is the Optimum IPA Concentration based on your specific application? This Technical Brief presents an overview of: Cleaning liquids: Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) Flammability ratings Transportation and storage concerns Healthcare vs. Microelectronics cleaning applications Volatile Organic Carbons (VOCs) Thank you [Read More…]