What Wiper Do You Recommend for Cleaning Product Surfaces and Production Surfaces?

Semiconductor manufacturing with robotic arms

The cleaning requirements for cleanrooms in non-healthcare industries like microelectronics and aerospace – where critical component manufacturing occurs – allow wipers to get by with either 6% IPA or 100% IPA solutions. However, these non-healthcare industries have more than just gowning room and environmental surfaces to clean, which can tolerate 6% IPA. These can be product surfaces (wipe down of the product itself) or production surfaces that come into contact with the product. In these latter cases, it is critical to remove soils or residues at regular intervals to avoid contamination of the end product.

What wiper do you recommend for cleaning product surfaces and production surfaces?

A pre-wetted wiper containing 100% IPA is ideal for these applications since it offers the maximum amount of surface tension reduction (think cleaning power). Another advantage is that the 100% IPA wetting liquid incorporates no water and acts as a drying agent if any water is present on the surface that needs cleaning. This feature is critical in the semiconductor industry, where specific vacuum process equipment must be free of water (and water vapor) at all costs.

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