What’s The Difference Between Gamma Irradiated and Validated Sterile Wipes?


Did you know that validated sterile and gamma-irradiated wipes are different?

It can be confusing to choose sterile wipes when you encounter both gamma irradiated and validated sterile options. You may need to know the difference to be sure whether using gamma-irradiated wipes suits your processes instead of validated sterile wipes. Making the wrong choice could be costly.

Both types of wipes have been exposed to gamma radiation, but they aren’t identical. The validated sterile wipes have undergone strict monitoring and testing to ensure sterility. They are guaranteed to be sterile and are the safest option to use in cleanrooms. On the other hand, gamma-irradiated wipes have been treated with gamma rays, which are known to kill most organisms. However, no tests have been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the gamma-ray treatment. Although gamma-irradiated wipes may be very clean, perhaps as clean as validated sterile wipes, there is no way to confirm this because no tests have been performed.

Should you choose a Validated Sterile or Gamma Irradiated Wipe?

The quality of your final product depends on the type of cleanroom wipes you select. Choosing wipes that meet your specific cleanroom’s requirements is crucial. While validated sterile wipes may cost slightly more, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that they have been tested and proven sterile. For less critical applications, non-validated gamma-irradiated wipes may suffice. However, always refer to your cleanroom requirements, final product specifications, and any other mandatory standards before deciding.

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