Why use Cleanroom Swabs?

LTP125S Large Sampling Swabs

It is essential to use special swabs designed for cleanroom environments. Regular swabs can leave behind contaminants that may harm your critical environment. Cleanroom swabs offer residue-free performance, ensuring they do not leave any particulates behind. They are designed for critical applications, including cleaning sensitive components and static dissipation.

Like other types of swabs, critical environment swabs are available in various styles. Cleanroom swabs are handy for cleaning small surfaces and nooks in controlled environments. The handles come in multiple lengths, and the tips are made of cotton, microfiber, knitted polyester, nonwoven material, and foam to ensure their effectiveness and compatibility with different surfaces and cleaning chemistries.

What are cleanroom swabs?

Cleanroom swabs clean small or tight surfaces in controlled environments. The unique swab manufacturing process reduces material shedding and eliminates particulates, allowing operators to use them in cleanrooms and keep the environment free from contamination.