Disinfectant Terminology and Properties

Disinfectant terminology and properties:

Antiseptic— An antiseptic is a substance that prevents or destroys microorganisms on living tissue such as skin, oral cavities, and open wounds.

Chemical Disinfectant—Disinfectants are chemical agents used on non-living surfaces and objects to eliminate infectious fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Sporicidal and antiviral agents are a specific category of disinfectants. However, these agents may not destroy the spores of these microorganisms.

Cleaning Agent—This is an agent that removes product residues from facility and equipment surfaces. These residues can potentially inactivate sanitizing agents or harbor microorganisms.

Cleanroom—  A cleanroom, also known as a clean room, is a specially designed space that keeps the concentration of airborne particles very low. It is well isolated, free from contamination, and actively cleaned. These rooms are commonly used for scientific research and industrial production, especially for bio-scientific processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Decontamination—Decontamination is the removal of microorganisms by disinfection or sterilization.

Disinfectant—Disinfectants are substances that can eliminate or eradicate harmful microorganisms from a surface through chemical or physical means. They are classified based on their effectiveness (efficacy level) against different types of microorganisms, as determined by industry experts and government regulations.

Sanitizing Agent—This agent can help to reduce the number of various types of microorganisms, such as fungi, viruses, and bacteria, on non-living surfaces.

Sporicidal Agent—This agent effectively eliminates bacterial and fungal spores if used in the appropriate concentration for a designated period. Its usage is expected to eradicate all vegetative microorganisms.

Sterilant—A sterilant is a powerful agent that can eliminate all types of microbes, including fungi, viruses, bacteria, and spores. Sterilants can be in liquid or vapor form, and the effectiveness of disinfection can vary depending on the microorganism’s resistance to the agent.