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Is IoT Tech the New Foot Soldier in Hand Hygiene Compliance?

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The modern hospital is the most advanced locus of public healthcare ever seen. When state-of-the-art technology combines with cutting-edge medical techniques the result is a level of unparalleled excellence in patient care. From treating outpatient cuts and scratches to acute ICU care or open heart surgery, today’s medical professionals are more highly trained than ever [Read More…]

Is There Any Latex Rubber Contained in Berkshire’s Cleanroom Products?


Q: Is there any latex rubber contained in Berkshire’s cleanroom products? A: Berkshire’s cleanroom consumables do not contain any natural latex rubber, which may cause allergic reactions as defined by the FDA. The latex binder that is added to the Berkshire Bond paper is 100% synthetic and does not include any natural rubber latex in its formulation.  

Supplement Mislabeling – More Bang for your Buck or A Clear and Present Danger to Health?

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Traditionally, New Years resolutions are more subjective and personal commitments. We dedicate ourselves to losing the ten pounds that crept on over the holidays, quitting junk food, taking up running, or finally kicking nicotine to the curb. In short, they’re health-related commitments that improve our lives in tangible, measurable, and personal ways. And improving our [Read More…]

Cleanroom Wipers: Where Are Irradiation Dots Located and What Do They Mean?

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Q: Cleanroom Wipers: Where are irradiation dots located and what do they mean?  A: Irradiation indicators (dots) are not an indication of sterility. They indicate that product has been exposed to irradiation. The color changes from yellow to red due to a shift in pH. Indicators are typically placed on the outer packaging (on the case) for [Read More…]

Can You Autoclave Berkshire’s Cleanroom Swabs?


Q: Can you autoclave Berkshire’s cleanroom swabs? A: Yes, you can autoclave all our Lab-Tips® cleanroom swabs. We tested using Steam Heat at 126℃ for 30 minutes. The polypropylene handles did become brittle. As always, for sterility validation of the autoclaving you’ll need to validate your particular cycle to ensure the autoclave cycle renders the [Read More…]

Q&A – Are Berkshire’s Products TSE/BSE free?


Q&A – Are Berkshire’s products TSE/BSE free? TSE, transmissible spongiform encephalopathy, and BSE, bovine spongiform encephalopathy are an ongoing concern not only in the UK, but also in other EU states. Berkshire Corporation certifies that all of our products are not manufactured or derived from and do not come in contact with any materials of [Read More…]

EasyClean®360 Isolator Cleaning Tool – Q & A

Q: I have an application that requires a longer handle than comes with the isolator cleaning tool. Do you have any other handles that are longer that will fit the mop head? A: Our flat mop telescoping handle (BCR.T2HANDLE.1) will fit the EasyClean®360. It is fully autoclavable with a comfortable polypropylene grip. Its lightweight is ideal when fully [Read More…]

Could Neuroprosthetics Offer Hope to Patients with Spinal Cord Trauma?


It has to be said: the human body is an amazing and ingenious piece of biological equipment. When it suffers an incision, it self-heals; when it is damaged, it can – at times – regenerate. And when its central command control – the brain – is impaired, it will oftentimes re-route communications via different parts [Read More…]

Is Bigger Necessarily Better?

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No-one wants to imagine the unimaginable. You feel vaguely unwell but can’t quite put your finger on the cause. Your significant other pushes you to make that doctor’s appointment – ‘just to put your mind at ease.’ Your family doctor runs a few tests and, ‘without wanting to alarm you unduly,’ refers you up the [Read More…]

I Can See Clearly Now – Microfiber Wipes Part 2


In Part I of “I Can See Clearly Now”, we described the physical construction of microdenier fibers incorporated in fabric used for cleaning eyeglasses. These same fibers can also be employed as the base material for cleanroom wipers. Note however, that microdenier cleanroom wipers are orders of magnitude cleaner than the microdenier fabric used for cleaning eyeglasses. [Read More…]