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Could Tobacco Be an Unexpected Ally in Killing COVID-19?


Plant-Based Alchemy Here at Berkshire, we’re always excited to learn about the latest developments emerging from the nation’s cleanrooms indeed from contamination-controlled environments across the globe. And as we come across innovative and timely research, we’re committed to keeping you up to speed too. Even when the research involves a material, process, or concept that [Read More…]

Apis, Bee Venom, and Cleanrooms – the New ABCs of Cancer Treatment


Heard the Buzz? When we think of the work performed in cleanrooms we often envision the drama and romance of large-scale projects. The ‘blue sky’ research and engineering that may, one day, take us to Mars or allow us to communicate seamlessly around the globe or brain-to-brain. And while these kinds of projects leave us [Read More…]

How Cleanroom Technology is Rescuing our Blood Supplies


Lab Grown Blood Throughout human history, we have searched for ways to prolong our lives. Whether it be through cleaner living, exercise, scientific advancement, or improved diet, humans are a species in perpetual search for an elixir of life, a fountain of eternal youth. And this impulse makes it into our history and cultural mythos [Read More…]

How Elon Musk’s Breakthrough AI Technology May Reshape Humankind


“Fitbit In Your Skull” Our recent focus on robotics and artificial intelligence in the food service industry has left us hungry to investigate parallel developments in other spheres. The bio-medical field, for instance, is one area that narrows the distance – both theoretical and physical – between conceptual artificial intelligence and its physical implementation. According [Read More…]

Dark Skies No More?

Radio telescopes and the Milky Way at night

How Starlink Could Destroy the Magic of the Universe From the beginnings of human history, presumably as soon as our species stood upright and gazed aloft, we have been enchanted by the inky mystery of the night sky. From the time of the Neo-Babylonian Empire to Ancient Rome and Greece, pinpoints of light have been [Read More…]

Toxic Alcohols 101: Ethanol, Methanol, Isopropanol

Methanol-Ethanol-Isopropanol (1)

Understanding Critical Differences in Use It is hard to dispute that we are indeed finding ourselves living in ‘interesting times.’ With the financial markets fluctuating wildly, states revising their plans to re-open seemingly on an hourly basis as daily COVID-19 statistics look increasingly more grim, the unemployment rate skyrocketing, and racial tensions almost at boiling [Read More…]

Parcel Packaging as a Vector of Pathogen Transmission


Domestic Disinfectants in the Age of COVID-19 As we know, frequent cleaning and sanitation are two of the main keys to staying safe in this new reality of COVID-19. But conscientiously washing our hands and being mindful of social distancing are only part of the solution. As much as we strive to minimize contact with [Read More…]

Coronavirus and Copper


Can an Ancient Ally Flatten the Curve?   With the world in lockdown, some fortunate folks are finding luxuriously creative ways to enjoy this period of enforced self-isolation. Take David Geffen, for instance. The multi-billionaire who founded Geffen Records and DreamWorks Pictures, is currently quarantining aboard his 450ft yacht somewhere in the Caribbean, presumably with [Read More…]

COVID-19, Stress, and the Fall of Zantac

stomach fire. excessive acidity, indigestion, stomach disease, gastric ulcer, severe abdominal pain. 3D Rendering

Fire in the Belly With the global situation as it is right now, flicking on the TV, tuning into the radio, or scrolling through a social media feed is enough to send most of us into a tailspin. Between being quarantined and socially distant, home schooling kids in addition to full-time work, fears about job [Read More…]

Extreme Social Distancing?

ISS crossing sky

Escaping COVID-19 in Low-Earth Orbit!   Berkshire community: how are you all holding up? With shelter-in-place becoming the ‘new normal’ to slow the spread of COVID-19 we are grateful to have the opportunity to reach out with industry news and to keep our noggins buzzing with new and – hopefully – interesting stories. With some [Read More…]