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HOCl is a powerful yet naturally existing disinfectant that consists of three atoms: hydrogen, oxygen, and chlorine. Known for 150 years, it is like bleach’s much gentler cousin. The slight difference in their composition dictates significant contrasts in their characteristics. Bleach (hypochlorite, NaClO) is ubiquitous because it has a strong history of getting the job done–consistently killing unwanted microorganisms like viruses and bacteria. However, it is also harsh and corrosive. Strong disinfectants like bleach can corrode stainless steel and damage the surface. Those pitted or damaged areas are likely to become shelters for further contamination, let alone affecting the functionality of the equipment that they are part of. Traditional disinfectants, like bleach, may also require additional ingredients to ensure or enhance their marketed benefits. These ingredients often form unwanted residue, worsening the disinfectants’ effects.

By comparison, HOCl is naturally stronger and cleaner.

When appropriately used, studies show HOCl has up to 100x the disinfecting power of bleach. It is not harsh or corrosive to surfaces. It is a safer and more powerful disinfectant that poses significantly less risk to people than cleaning with bleach—using it in its purest state, with no additives, preservatives, or dyes, is best. Unlike its relative, it has a light swimming pool scent, and the development of breathing irritation or respiratory issues is low. HOCl is also the same ingredient commonly used in wound, eye, and veterinary care products because it is gentle and effective.

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